India Gold Quanto futures

India Gold Quanto futures



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India Gold


USD 1.00X Indian Gold Futures Price quoted in INR per 10gms (e.g. Bid 27575 / Offer 27,576)

USD 1.00

USD 1.00

EFS, EFP, Block trade facilities available

No Limits*

500 contracts for Banks and institutions promoted by Banks. All other entities 200 contracts

The Final Cash Settlement Price basis shall be the benchmark reference Gold futures price publically available in India that corresponds to the DGCX Contract Month

February, April, June, August, October, December (Six contracts at any given point of time)

Monday through to Friday

DGCX Trading Hours

The Last Day of Trading for Gold Quanto Futures Contracts is the second last Day of Trading of the month immediately preceding the Delivery month

Business Day immediately following the Last Day of Trading

* For the avoidance of ‘fat finger’ errors price band shall be $900 from previous settlement price e.g. if previous settlement price is US$ 27,000 then the price band is from US$ 26,100 to US$27,900)

Initial Margin

$1.050 per contract

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