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Introducing Brokers (IB)

Combine your marketing prowess with the world’s largest financial market – and you’ll have the most dynamic marketing combo around.

Access the highest commission rates with the PCM International affiliate program. Earn up to $17 per lot traded on referred clients, with unlimited earning potential.

The following Slab System applies for MICRO and MINI accounts:


Lots Per Month

Per Lot



301- 2000






10,001 above



On ELITE accounts the IB is eligible for the total spread they wish to add on top of the original pricing from us.

On DGCX accounts, the IB is eligible for half of the commission. The commission to be charged to the IB’s client is decided mutually between both the parties.


As a welcome package, rebate for our new IBs will be calculated $10 per lot for the first 90 days even if trades done by his/her traders don’t reach 300 lots per month slab.


Becoming a Forex broker doesn’t necessarily mean you need to invest Millions of Dollars in licensing, deposits and other expenditures that a corporate broker & clearing house like us, is required to do. With PCM International’ Forex IB program, you can enjoy sharing up to 50% of our net income by opening accounts for those who would like to trade Commodities and Currencies in your country and around the globe through PCM International. So don’t lose this great opportunity and fill our IB form and become a Forex broker with almost no initial investments or start up fees.

Traders use different strategies and styles in trading.  One of them is called Scalping. A scalper targets small profits and opens and closes his positions rapidly, sometimes several times in a minute. However, market makers who trade against their Traders are free in bidding and offering prices. They become the counter party to their traders and benefit from their losses. Obviously such firms discourage scalping because when a trader trades every few minutes or seconds, it becomes difficult for them to stop him from making money, and any money a trader makes is loss for the market makers. They use different methods such as frequent Re-Quotes to discourage the scalpers and the scalpers are desperately looking for a broker that allows them to Scalp.

As an ECN Forex broker, we are not the counter party to the traders and we do not benefit from their losses. Our business and responsibility is to connect the traders to the market and our income is generated from a small commission on each trade. Naturally, we are on the Trader’s side and are willing to help them make money since they will trade more and our income grows.

Let’s have a look at the money-making potential of our Forex IB Program. Since scalpers target small profits, they trade with large capitals and they do it many times a day. Such a trader may easily trade 30 lots of an instrument every day and each standard lot is 100,000 units of that instrument in case of currency pairs. If our commission is the bare minimum of 0.0001, then calculate the daily brokerage income only from this single trader, which is about $300, out of which we offer you a solid 50%, that turns out to be $150. Let’s move a step ahead, $150 per day means $3300 per month of 22 working days from a single trader that you introduced to us through our IB program!!! Now how many scalpers can you bring in?

10 scalpers, your income = 33,000 $/ Month
100 scalpers, your income = 330,000 $/ Month

You don’t need an office and staff to work with us, though it may help you in marketing and advertising if you have one. The IB can simply be an individual.

Start promoting forex with a broker you can rely on.