Liquidity for brokers

What is a Liquidity Provider?

A liquidity provider connects many brokers and traders together, increasing the liquidity of the joint market. A higher liquidity is desirable for everyone, as it drives down the spread and thus the cost of trading.

Especially straight-through processing (STP) brokers will often try to connect themselves to many large liquidity providers to improve their own offered liquidity and prices.

Liquidity providers are often large banks and other financial institutions. In forex trading, the world's largest liquidity provider is the Deutsche Bank, also known as a leading retail and investment bank.

PCM International provides Institutional clients and professional forex traders with direct access to the tier 1 liquidity from the top FX Prime Banks in the world. We recognize professional forex trading requires premium class liquidity and have managed to make our clients benefiting from the most competitive spreads.

Liquidity solution offer:

  • Over 50 Spot FX pairs + Gold & Silver
  • Direct access to the extremely low interbank spreads (inverse spreads)
  • Reliable and fast order execution
  • Clearing services

Who may gain from Liquidity solution:

  • FX brokerage company
  • Financial institution
  • Company treasury department
  • FX Hedge Fund
  • High-frequency trader


PCM International aggregated tier 1 liquidity feed can be integrated with third party trading software via secure FIX connectivity to deliver unmatched trading environment.

Client FX price feed can be customized by adding demanded exotic currency pairs.

We are always open to talk to our clients and willing to deliver them the best available price in the market.

Please leave your application for liquidity solution and our institutional manager will contact you shortly to discuss your needs and requirements.