Mission and Vision
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FXPCM mission

Mission and Vision 


Our Mission

To provide online traders with all the essentials they need to achieve maximum profit


The passion to see our traders’ success in Forex and the financial market drives us everyday to consistently achieve our mission. After over a decade of placing ourselves in the place of our traders, PCM International has summarized all the essentials to succeed in trading into 3 words: Precision, Clarity, Mindfulness. In other words, P.C.M is all a trader needs to achieve trading success. Providing our customers with these 3 powerful strategic assets is our priority.


To assure our traders are trading with sharp precision, we provide access to Forex market moving news, expert Forex analysis and live Forex charts.

Clarity and Mindfulness are given to our customers through our company’s high transparency on company procedures and structure. In addition, being an ISO 9002 certified company re-assures customers that they will consistently be receiving the best quality of service offered in the industry.

FXPCM vision



To be the broker of choice for traders looking to become successful in the forex market



We strive for excellence every single day.

From enhancing our existing services, to developing world-class products, PCM International is always ensuring that it provides its gives traders the ultimate trading experience and an opportunity to take full advantage of the techniques for successful trading


Giving our traders an advantage

Our IT team has developed the most advanced Forex trading technologies for traders, which are being offered by very few other brokers. With such technologies, traders can go above and beyond the traditional Forex trading techniques and achieve great success through exceptional methods. In addition, these technologies contribute to higher liquidity, tighter spreads and an overall enhancement of the trading experience. 


Building connections with the financial world

PCM International is continuously gaining new memberships in exchanges and entering agreements with some of the top financial institutions. Such agreements and connections, equip us to provide our valued traders with highly liquid financial instruments and a large number of the best Forex trading instruments.


Remaining a Zero Risk Broker

The passion to see traders succeed is the motivation behind the firm’s transparency and Zero Risk Broker status. Alignment between PCM International’ the traders interest will always stay a principle at PCM International. With PCM International, traders can trade with a peace of mind knowing that all their orders are going straight to the