UK Brent


What is UK Brent? (Brent Crude Oil)

In the past decade, investing in the commodity markets has been viewed as a golden opportunity for making large amount of profit. What are commodities? To put in simple words, commodities are natural resources that are used by human beings on a daily basis. From the cost of a cup of coffee to the price of the electricity flowing in a house, commodity markets play an important role in our everyday lives.


There are 3 types of commodities being traded on the commodity markets: metals, agricultural and energy. There are many advantages to trading commodities, one being the opportunity for growth. Due to the volatility of commodity prices, traders are given a lot of opportunities daily to profit from price fluctuations.


Crude Oil naturally occurs as a liquid fossil fuel resulting from plants and animals that have been exposed to extreme pressure and heat underground. Having its prices increase significantly in the recent years. Brent Crude Oil is considered one of the most demanding commodities to trade. Value of Brent Crude Oil is dependent on global economic conditions as well as market speculation.


There are numerous benefits of trading Brent Crude Oil that ensure consistent returns for both short wing trades and long-term timing strategies. One of the advantages of trading Brent Crude Oil is the sharp rise in the volatility of the energy sector, which allows for higher and more consistent profits. In addition, commodities with the high liquidity, like crude oil, give traders more opportunities to take advantage of daily fluctuations. Moreover the correlation of certain currencies, commodities and indices to crude oil provides traders useful insight, assisting them with their trades.


For successful CFD trading, PCM International offers access to accurate real-time Brent Crude Oil charts, forecasts and updated news on the world economics events. Traders can seek profit from the fluctuations that are provided by the news based on the economic events that will affect Brent Crude Oil prices. With PCM International, traders are able to benefit from professional trading platforms that enable them to use advanced CFD trading strategies. In addition, trading Brent Crude Oil  through PCM International allows you to leverage your exposure to market movements for maximum profit.


A key factor of trading CFD’s successfully is being educated about potentially profitable trading opportunities and knowing it’s in-depth specifications and benefits. The table below is provided for further details about the commodity.


Contract Specifications for UK Brent






UK Brent Oil quoted in U.S. Dollars

Standard Tradable Quantity (also called a LOT)

1000 barrels (1 standard lot)

Minimum Tradable Quantity (the fraction of lot available to trade)

10 barrels (1 oil barrel = 159 liters approximately)

Base Currency (Currency used for margin, P&L and other calculations)

United States Dollars

Tick Size (The least incremental change in the price of the index)

0.01 (example price: $109.06 changes to $109.07 at least)


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