What is Copper?

Copper is widely considered as one of the key cyclical commodities, given its extensive usage in construction, infrastructure and an array of equipment manufacturing. The biggest end-use is for the production of cables, wiring and electrical goods because of its excellent electricity-conducting properties. The construction sector is the second largest user of copper, for plumbing, HVAC and building wiring applications. Although found in abundance and widely extracted as well as recycled, the copper value chain is quite capital intensive. This makes the market susceptible to supply-side constraints, and therefore, volatile price fluctuations.

Contract Specifications for Copper

Contract Parameters
Class Commodity
Symbol Copper
Description Copper vs US Dollar
Standard Tradable Quantity (also called a LOT) 10000 Copper (1 Standard lot)
Base Currency (Currency used for margin, P&L and other calculations) United States Dollars
Tick Size (The least incremental change in the price of the index) 0.0001 (example price: 3.0946 changes to 3.1036)
Trading time:
Copper can be traded on our platform on the following times
01.00 to 23.59 GMT +3 Monday to Friday


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