State Bank of India

What is State Bank of India

State Bank of India was founded on July 1st, 1955 to become what is today a prestigious multinational financial services corporation. The corporation currently has a team of 207,000 employees and is operating in 36 countries oversees. SBI specializes in a number of segments including Coporate/Wholasale Banking, Treasury, Asset Management and Retail Banking. SBI is India’s largest commercial bank in terms of profit, assets and deposit.


State Bank of India Company Values

What makes SBI so valuable is its list of values on which the company is based. All the decision making at State Bank of India is always checked  to assure it aligns with the values of the company. These values include:


·      Maintain high transparency levels

·      Maintain truthfulness

·      Nurture pride in India



Benefits of trading State Bank of India Futures

SBI is often considered as the best Indian stock to trade, and in specific if traded as a futures contract. With a futures contract, a small investment can lead to large profits. There are various advantages to trading futures when choosing the best investment vehicle.


The Benefits of trading State Bank of India futures are mentioned and described below:


-Instant access to profits

            Unlike many other trading vehicles, trading futures provides you with instant access to your profits.


-Holding on to trade positions

            With trading State Bank of India futures, you may have a whole year to hold on to your position without worrying about roll-overs or interest rates


-Low Margin requirements

            As previously mentioned, futures trading is a highly leveraged trading instrument. It follows that Futures margin requirements are incredibly low. As a result, traders can expose themselves to a larger value of stocks than they could when trading the original stocks.


SBI Financial Statements *


Income Statement

Revenue: 864,814

Net Interest Income: 788,075

Net Income:  122,246

Earnings per share: 15.95


Balance Sheet

Net loans: 18,702,609

Total Assets: 29,708,976

Stockholder Equity: 1,805,924


*Annual report in millions, currency INR, as of 2014


 A key factor of trading futures successfully is being educated about potentially profitable trading opportunities and knowing their in-depth specifications and benefits. The table below is provided for further details about the contract.


Contract Parameters
DGCX Contract Symbol DSBIN
Underlying Equity STATE BANK OF INDIA
Underlying Country India
Contract Size 10
Notional Contract Value (Price * Contract Size) in USD
Price Quote Underlying Equity price expressed in USD (example: Bid: 230.8 / Ask 230.9)
Minimum Tick Size 0.1
Tick Value USD 1
Trading Days Monday through Friday
Trading Hours 07:00 - 23:30 Hours Dubai time (GMT+4)
Trading Months First two (2) serial months and 1 calendar spread
Last Trading Day ** Last Thursday of the Calendar Month
Cash Settlement Day** Business Day following the Last Trading Day
New Contract Listing Business Day immediately following the Last Trading Day
Final Cash Settlement Price Basis Based on the market closing price of the Underlying
Equity on the Last Trading Day in the Underlying
Country (source: public domain)
Settlement Basis Cash settled in USD
Wholesale Trades Minimum permitted block size is 100 lots
Max Open Position Limit As determined by the Exchange from time to time
Max Order Size 1,000 lots
Daily Price Movement limit No Limit, Note 1*
Initial Margin based on SPAN USD 350 (Based on SPAN, subject to change from time to time)
Calendar Spread Margin 100% benefit is offered on calendar spread positions

Note 1*: *: For the avoidance of ‘fat finger’ errors price band shall be 5% from previous settlement price e.g. if previous settlement price is USD 230.8, the price band is USD 12 i.e. from USD 218.8 to USD 242.9)